Monday, June 6, 2011

Upcoming hunt... Sexy Summer Hunt

To become part of this hunt, please find our app on our app page, copy it into a notecard and send to fareyn babii or Sky amaranth in world :d tyvm!

Order is as follows

1 Condemned designs
2, true21
3. Imprinted designs
4. Visualz::Sassy<----No sign
5: iRRegular iNventory<-----Not set to group
6. Lotus Noir
7. Body Canvas<-----Not set to group
8.  AlterEgo<-----Not set to group
9. Amazing Art gallery<-----Not set to group
10. Evaki<-----Not set to group
11. PNP-Props n Poses<-----Not set to group
12. Legal Insanity
13. Flaks Design<-----Not set to group
14.Furore<-----Not set to group
15.HerBerry<-----Not set to group
  16.Hellershanks<------Store moved?
17. Grumble
19.X-Clusive Animations
20.Shameless Bits
22. 20.Five
23. Captivity Co.
24. Karma Kreations
25.Fashions by Karla
26. Le Monde Fine Furniture
27. Reila Skins And Fashion
28.Kabuki Creations
29.Bound and Bitten(ADULT)
30 EZ Stores
31. Venus Envy
32.Shadow dreams

Friday, June 3, 2011

Hunt Places n hints!

True21 -

Hint - My jeans are Toxic

Condemned Designs -

Hint - Nice and warm out  Cool off and take a dip...

Eye Candi  -

Hint - Beauty is only skin deep.

Captivity CO -

Hint -  Looking at you through the glass, Don't know how much time has passed....

Silk Dreams -

Hint -  Melody can see it, in kitty's favorite hiding place

KA Piercings & Jewelry -

Hint -  Look near something only women can wear

Monday, May 30, 2011

Hunt is Coming up SOON!

Well, The Hunt is coming up shortly here, and I know everyone loves a hunt. its too bad that it wasnt more recognized, but thank you to all of you who DO want to participate!<3
New hunt Start Location is True 21

Keep watching the blog for the hunt list that goes live on Tuesday night!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Welcome to SDF hunts

We really enjoyed putting together the mothers day hunt, and learned alot along the way to make it run smooth :D
We hope to bring you many hunts with this new hunt group!!!!!

secondlife:///app/group/d1095b10-e220-98af-1763-a0423b53f444/about   <---to join the group